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Welcome to the first official SPN Heatwave art event!

With a grateful nod to the now-inactive spn_summer_art, we are reviving the spirit of that art challenge into the spn_heatwave. Because summer, in general, should be stress-free and self-indulgent (or so they say!), we hope we've cooked up something that will be casual and fun.

It'll be a long, hot summer without our show and all its stars, so break out those pencils, paints, tablets and make art!


~Your creation must be fanart for Supernatural; both canon and RPF are welcomed.

~It must be visibly related to the theme of 'summer'.

~It must be hand-drawn—traditional or digital. As much as we appreciate well-done photomanips, they are not what we have in mind for the challenge this year. In the future, this may well change!

~All pairings are welcomed as long as there is something obviously summery about the art.

~As this event is on the lighter side, we'd like to keep things non-explicit, so no NC-17, please. Nudity in context is perfectly fine (Skinny-dipping, anyone?), but the drawings shouldn't be pornographic. Likewise, blood and injury is acceptable (Oh noes, a bee sting!) as long as it doesn't get overly gory.

Sign-ups will run from April 15th to June 1st, after which we will assign participants a posting week, beginning June 19th, the first week of summer. The artist will have a full seven (7) days in which to post. If you miss your week for whatever reason, no worries. We will host an Amnesty Week of Sept. 4th thru Sept.10th for you to post your art and be included in the 2016 event roster. There will be no extensions offered nor given. (We want this to be relatively stress-free for us mods too!)

Sound like your cuppa lemonade? SIGN UP HERE!

How do I submit? Post your art on your home journal (LJ, tumblr, AO3, wherever!), create a 300pixel by 300pixel excerpt (thumbnail) of the art, then submit a masterpost here at the comm, following this format:

<center><a href="http://LINK TO FULL ART PAGE HERE.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://LINK TO THUMBNAIL HERE.jpg" />
(Click for full art)</a></center>

Warnings: (only if needed)

You will need to upload your thumbnail someplace that allows hosting to LJ, such as LJ itself or a remote hosting site, such as imgur. If you don't have an LJ account, email us (spnheatwave@gmail.com) the above information and thumbnail, and we will post the masterpost on LJ for you. (We mods will be cross-posting all masterposts to the comm tumblr: http://spnheatwave.tumblr.com/ , for our tumblr-only participants.)

We can be reached at: spnheatwave@gmail.com. Easy peasy!

Also, you may submit more than one piece of art, if you wish! If you choose to create multiple pieces, please submit them as separate entries (unless they are a deliberate series). They can be posted anytime within your posting week (or the Amnesty Week), on the same day or different ones.

Entries will be moderated, just so we can be sure there's no wonky formatting. Don't panic if your masterpost doesn't show up straight away! We'll be checking for them daily.

If you have any questions, please email us at spnheatwave@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

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